Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) |

Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP)

Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) |
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Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) |  8 months ago    

Naya Pakistan Housing Program

At the time of election campaign current prime minister Imran Khan had announced “poverty is on top of our priorities, if people of Pakistan give me chance to make government, I will work for the poor people of Pakistan and will give them 5 million houses which they can afford easily” and then when he came into government he launched the project of 5 million houses and named this project “Naya Pakistan housing society”.

As everyone talking about this housing scheme, we thought to share some informative details with our reader according to it.

Basic Concept of Naya Pakistan Housing Program

In 2018 where investors and Realtor earned a lot from Pakistan Real Estate. What happened next? They pushed the price to figure where a middle-class person can't touch it. Imran khan realized that there should be a housing scheme which must be affordable for every middle-class person. And when he became Prime minister of Pakistan he announced publicly and promised to deliver 5 million houses in his 5 years tenure of Government as he said before the election.

After launching this project they categorize the people according to their monthly income. Concisely salary with 10,000 to 25,000 can build their own dream home.

Where Imran khan categorizes the people according to their income he categorizes the home in three categories too.

  1.      labour class
  2.      lower middle class
  3.      middle class

Prime minister Imran Khan didn’t reveal whole information about this project till now. All we know that is 2-Marla house will be for 8 lac and 4-Marla house will be for 12 lac.

According to Tariq Randhawa Chairman of, “this is the most economical project I have ever seen in whole 30 years of my career. If Imran makes this possible then he will remain close in heart of people till their last breath with thousands of prayers. He also said while giving his interview to local channel “this project will give the shelter to thousands of people and this will be the 2nd time in the history of Pakistan after few decades and he also elaborate some basic difference between Bhutto’s scheme and Naya Pakistan scheme in good manners “. At the end we can conclude in such way that this is the fabulous scheme for low income or salaried base people of Pakistan and if we see according to investment expects then it’s also the best opportunity for investors and for realtor.

Contract of Naya Pakistan housing Program

Imran Khan gave the contract of his new project to the private company. All he has to do, that is provide the land and other raw material to contractors. Beside this he gave the order to minister of interior Shehryar Afridi to remove all kind of hurdles on project land as soon as possible so they can start in the next few months. Apart from this, he made a committee consisting of 17 people to look after this new project NPHA.

Registration Process and How to Apply For Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Forms for registrations are available on Pakistan NADRA official website. Download from there and fill the form according to your personal information and submit it to the relevant office with processing fee which is just rupees 250. For more detail visit the official website of NADRA.

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