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DHA Phase II Property and Real Estate

DHA Phase II Property and Real Estate | TRzameen.com
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DHA Phase II Property and Real Estate | TRzameen.com  4 months ago    

DHA Phase II Property and Real Estate

The Defense Housing Authority Lahore (DHA Lahore) is a cabin society arranged in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. DHA phase 2 Lahore is one of the most secure and most believed lodging improvement societies in Pakistan. DHA phase 2 has 90% constructed area and 10% areas are left. It has advancements in all the significant urban communities including Lahore. The organization is devoted to quality and reasonableness and to giving a vivid and completely private experience.

If you are interested to buy and sell property like homes house, plots and other commercial properties in DHA phase 2 Lahore?

DHA Phase 2 is generally built up for the army officers as well as for the civil officers.  DHA phase 2 is totally consisting of Defense officer’s cooperative housing society. But now it will be changed for all housing society for all over the people. DHA Phase 2 Lahore is on the incredible location to take the decision of living with your family or investing to get benefit later in the future. Business opportunities are highly waiting for you to set your official setup in DHA Phase 2. Availability of residential properties like houses, plots etc are in different areas of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal in DHA phases 2 Lahore.

The house in DHA phase 2 is a brand new style where you can live your family in dreamy view you can plane this. The prices of houses and homes in DHA phase 2 Lahore very Affordable according to the facilities you can get. Houses and homes constructed in a new style. You can buy a house and plots in DHA phase very easily.

DHA phase 2 consist of Commercial area it can be providing you a big plate form for your business plan and providing luxury lifestyle. DHA phase 2 Lahore has nearby the two most famous shopping centers like as H Block and Y block market. DHA phase 2 has a big international software house (Net sole). DHA phase 2 is all full of well standard business organization, it can provide the opportunity that you can buy house, homes, and plots for sale and rent and property business. DHA phase 2 Lahore is beneficial for you to start your Business in this valuable area. DHA phase 2 has Metro shopping center that Located on the airport road and Hally Tower located to Lalak Jan Chowk.

DHA phase 2 has newly constructed a well standard shopping Center mall of Defense opposite to the phase 1.

DHA phase 2 Lahore is the most valuable and most wide area. It has all the facilities like Health care nearby there for you and your family health.

 DHA phase 2 has high educational institutes like school colleges and near it there is LUMS University and Lahore Garrison University opposite to phase 6, different branches of banks, different marriages halls. DHA phase 2 neighborhood societies Askari 2, Askari 3 and Askari 10.


 Lahore Garrison University and LUMS University opposite to Phase 5 and Phase 6.

Location of DHA phase 2 Lahore

DHA Lahore Phase 2 is found contiguous Phase 1 confronting Ghazi Road which is additionally associated with Bedian Road and afterward Lahore Ring Road and new airport road. LUMS University is situated at the back side of DHA Lahore Phase 2. A piece of DHA Main Boulevard goes from DHA Phase 2. Complete improvement work in Phase 2 brought about the development of excellent homes on practically the majority of the plots. DHA phase 2 includes Sector P, Q, R, S, T, U, and Sector V, while the majority of the Sectors.

DHA phase 2 Lahore Residential Plots

There are four main categories of Residential Plots of DHA phase 2 Lahore  as 5 Marla Plots, 10 Marla Plots, 1 Kanal Plots, and 2 Kanal Plots in  these blocks V,R,S,Q,T,U , where you can buy and sale plot house and homes and other Property. Commercial area has the plots of 4 Marla and 8 Marla and 2 Marla shops.

Houses for sale in DHA phase 2 Lahore

DHA PHASE 2 has four categories of plots these are

5 Marla: prices start from 95 lakh to 115 lakh

10 Marla: prices start from 165 lakh to 220 lakh

1 Kanal: prices start from 225 lakh to 300 lakh

2 Kanal: prices start from 100 lakh to 120 lakh

If you want to home, house and plots in DHA phase 2 Lahore for sale and another benefit.  You can contact TRZAMEEN.COM. TRZAMEEN.COM provides a single platform to connect the seller and buyer for sale and purchase property in a safe and easy way. TRZAMEEN.COM is an online website.


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